How does English Chinese Pinyin Machine Translation Work?

You can translate Chinese, English and Pinyin in three easy steps:
  1. Scan from a book, type in text or copy Chinese, Pinyin or English text from an electronic document.
  2. Then paste the Chinese / Pinyin / English text (in left to right format) into the translation box.
  3. Click translate. The Chinese, English or Pinyin text is translated into three lines.
    This will be a direct word for word translation. Not changing the sentence structure and not adding grammer rules.
When translating the result will display in the following order:
For Chinese Characters:
  • Chinese-Pinyin-English
For Pinyin Text:
  • Pinyin-English-Chinese
For English Text:
  • English-Chinese-Pinyin
The resulting translation is displayed on a new web page. This allows to you print, save, or copy the translation results.

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