We Offer a Direct & Literal way to Translate Pinyin / English / Chinese in three easy steps:

1. Scan from book, Type in or Copy text from Web/Email/Doc
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2. Enter/Paste text (in left to right format) into translation area
Enter Paste text in left to right format into translation area

3. Text is translated word by word into three lines:

中文 CHINESE (Traditional or Simplified)
拼音 PINYIN (pīnyīn with or without tones)
英文 ENGLISH (with multiple translations)

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ThePureLanguage provides a translation that is different from CDICT, Google, Yahoo Babelfish, Bing or other major engines. Our free online translator contains words and phrases that are not contained anywhere else. Experience a different and direct translation today.

This converter is easy to use. There is no software program to download. The translation is done completely online and is free. To begin, enter the Chinese character, Pinyin, or English word or sentence text and select the desired input and output configuration.

This online dictionary will display and write the translation results in 3 lines, such as Chinese, Pinyin, English. Then the results / words / characters / symbols can be copied into your electronic document.

Please bookmark ThePureLanguage.com website and PIN-CHS-ENG translation pages. Please check back regularly for Updates to the online Dictionary word list and new tools to save you time and increase your productivity learning and translating.

Pinyin is also referred to as Hanyu pinyin is the commonly used romanization system for Mandarin Chinese. The Chinese word Hanyu translates as 'Chinese Language' and pinyin has the direct meaning of 'Spell Sound'. Pinyin is not just for foreigner learners, it is also used in China to teach school children.

To learn more about Pinyin, Initials, Finals, Tones and Tone Marks and other Pinyin translation web sites, see the Wikipedia Site Pinyin.