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How do I use the Free Translation Service?
You can begin translation right away without setting up an account. You can access the Free Translation Service from the Home Page side bar link called "Free Chinese Translation" or "Free Pinyin Translation" or "Free Pinyin without tones Translation" or "Free English Translation". You can translate up to 800 characters per translation.
Can it translate vertical text?
Books and magazines sometimes display text in vertical columns to be read from top to bottom instead of left to right. Currently, only left to right text can translate properly. Please change text into this format before translation.
I cannot see any Chinese characters ... How do I add Asian Fonts to my computer?
Many computers/browsers are already setup to display Chinese characters. However, if your computer needs Asian fonts, please refer to your operating system documentation for instructions. There are also online resources such as this site for the Windows Operating system: (Please Note, does not recommend or endorse this site or its instructions for installing Asian fonts. Follow the instructions and install at your own risk.)
Donation Questions:
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal and any other form of payment accepted by
How will the charge appear on my Credit Card Statement?
THEPURELANG - 2705463 Ontario Inc.
What if I have a question about a charge on my account?
Email , please include your user name and password. Representatives will contact you as soon as possible. We use a third party to process transactions ( and therefore do not have access to all the specifics regarding the transaction. You may need to contact or your financial institution for particular details regarding the transaction.
Why is my credit card/account being declined?
We use a third party to process transactions ( and therefore do not have access to the specifics that caused your transaction to decline. Please contact your financial institution for an explanation, or try an alternate form of payment.
What is your refund policy? (2705463 Ontario Inc.) does not issue refunds of donations.
Are my credit card transactions safe?
We use a third party to process transactions ( The transaction conducted on uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) designated by a pad lock icon displayed in your browser window. SSL encrypts the transmissions in such a way that only the two parties involved in the transaction (You and PayPal) can read the information.

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