Why is Translating Pinyin Chinese English into Three Lines Beneficial?

Why translate from Pinyin to Chinese and English?
Perhaps you know the Pinyin and need the Chinese Character(s) or English translation. Or you have been sent a document with Pinyin or download a Pinyin document and would like to translate the content. The Pinyin to Chinese and English translation service allows the entry of a Pinyin words/sentences (with tones) and it will translate the results into three lines Pinyin, Chinese, English.

With Pinyin, its common to have the same Pinyin word (and tones) associated to many different Chinese characters. The translation service takes this possibility into account by displaying the matches and lets you select the correct word. After selecting the Chinese/English word, the other possible matches are hidden leaving a clean translation of the Pinyin text.

Why translate Chinese to Pinyin and English?
Have you ever picked up a Chinese book or Chinese newspaper wanted to read and understand the Chinese Characters? Even read it out loud and discuss the information with others? How about translating information from a Chinese web site, email or electronic document? Or what about creating a talk or speech in Chinese? This site can help to accomplish all that. How?
ThePureLanguage.com translates Chinese literally, directly, word-by-word. You may have tried to use other programs on the web, such as Google or Bing to translate your Chinese text to English. However, you probably have found, that it translated your Chinese text wrong and/or rearranged the words in your sentence in an attempt to meet with English grammar rules. Trying to match up the originally entered Chinese word in the translation to the generated English output is often very difficult.
This program provides a "Pure Language" Translation. Since one Chinese character could have multiple meanings, why have some program out there randomly choose the intended meaning. Rather than letting Google or Bing do "guess processing" translation, this service allows you to see a word-by-word translation in the original Chinese grammar. Thus nothing is taken away, added or rearranged and thus is Pure. It also gives you an opportunity to learn about Chinese grammar by seeing the sentence in its original format.
1st - Split the Chinese characters apart
When you pick up a Chinese newspaper or book (non-pinyin), you may notice that the Chinese text is all together. Where are the spaces? How do I know where one word ends and the other begins? How can I read this? It is certainly a challenge for ones learning Chinese reading a document with no spaces. Thus, the first step for translation into English, is breaking apart the Chinese text into each word or logical grouping.
2nd - Pronunciation and reading of the Chinese characters
It's the goal of all Chinese students to know the meaning and pronunciation of the characters by heart. This is a gradual process. Until then, Pinyin is becoming is the assistance method of choice. It's a Romanization of the Chinese character including a tone that allows pronunciation the character without knowing the character.
Although Pinyin is different than English in regards to how the vowel and consonant combinations are pronounced, it's a great help for many students of the Chinese language.
3rd - Translation to English
ThePureLanguage.com translation service provides an English translation for many of the most common Chinese characters and sentences.

Why translate from English to Chinese and Pinyin?
ThePureLanguage.com has launched a new service to translate English directly into Pinyin and Chinese. Unlike other popular translation programs of English to Chinese, our service doesn't guess at the word you want to translate. The English language often has words that are the exactly same, but have different meanings. Our service lets you choose the correct word and build the English translation correctly.

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